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BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Overview

Pipeline Pilot is BIOVIA’s graphical scientific workflow authoring application.

Built on the BIOVIA Foundation, Pipeline Pilot enables scientists to rapidly create, test and publish scientific services that automate the process of accessing, analyzing and reporting scientific data, either for the scientist’s personal use or for sharing across the scientific community. Using Pipeline Pilot, scientist, researchers, engineers, and analysts with little or no software development experience can create scientific protocols that can be executed through a variety of interfaces including BIOVIA Web Port, other BIOVIA solutions such as BIOVIA Electronic Lab Notebook, Isentris, Chemical Registration and third-party applications such as Microsoft SharePoint or customer-developed applications. These protocols aggregate and provide immediate access to volumes of disparate research data locked in silos. They automate the scientific analysis of the data and enable researchers to rapidly explore, visualize and report results.

Pipeline Pilot enables science-based organizations to:

  • Save time by automating tedious manual and error-prone tasks and share those workflows throughout the scientific community, enabling scientists to spend more time on innovation.
  • Lower costs by avoiding unnecessary experiments through improved access to scientific information locked in disparate silos.
  • Improve operating efficiency by automating common scientific workflows and by empowering scientists to address their constantly changing requirements without relying on IT.

Pipeline Pilot Features

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