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Continued Process Verification

Improve process performance and compliance with Continued Process Verification (CPV)

Continued Process Verification (CPV) is the monitoring of processes subsequent to validation in a continued manner throughout the lifetime of the product to ensure the process remains in a state of control and meets the requirements set for the product, and to guarantee final product quality.

To ensure compliance with these requirements, organizations need to understand the sources of process variation that impact on the product, and undertake an initiative to introduce CPV. Implemented in the right way, a mature CPV program will give better process and quality data access and analysis, improved operational reliability, along with wider collaboration and cost savings.

Prerequisites are to:

  • Define the parameters (Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) and Critical Process Parameters (CPPs) etc.) to include using risk assessment
  • Utilize trend charts with run rules and automatic alerts to enable monitoring by exception with a risk-based approach
  • Ensure that procedures are well documented with decision points to reduce risk of over/under alerting
  • Report data and findings through dashboards , quarterly reports and Annual Product reports (APRs)

BIOVIA Discoverant provides an automated, comprehensive solution for CPV including the automated aggregation, contextualization and analysis of process and quality data, along with dashboarding and reporting. It is a scalable, enterprise-class solution that supports company-wide decisions for sustainable multi-site operations, and it includes role specific dashboards that are designed for the needs of a variety of users from technical staff to executives.

BIOVIA Discoverant allows the implementation of role-based process monitoring with automated alerts for review-by-exception to improve process performance and compliance with Continued Process Verification (CPV).

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