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Paper Records Data Management -

BIOVIA’s Paper Record Input ManageR (PRIMR), provides an easy way to turn paper-based data into actionable electronic information. The BIOVIA Nexus engine pulls data entered through BIOVIA PRIMR into Analysis Groups. BIOVIA PRIMR is comprised of two major components:

  1. Template Manager allows users to configure templates that are used for data entry
  2. Data Entry is a browser based tool that allows users to enter data in a compliant Manner.

BIOVIA PRIMR’s flexible templates allow users to import standard HTML forms and then set up verification settings that are used to minimize entry of "bad" data. Verification settings allow enforcement of such items as minimum and maximum values, string and date formats, and decimal precision. In addition, BIOVIA PRIMR templates can be configured to look up data against existing data sources based on the values entered for other fields on the page.

BIOVIA PRIMR allows compliant data entry with features such as electronic signatures, template versioning, role-based access to functions, and auditing. In addition, BIOVIA PRIMR allows both single and double data entry and data reconciliation. Once entered data has been approved, it is exported to a separate database schema for use by Discoverant and any other third-party tools.

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